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🔴Remember, this process is meant to be fun take your time, play with the layers, and find YOUR NFT!

🔴If you need assistance, please use the Chat Button at the bottom right of the page and The NFTFoundery team will be happy to assist you.

🔴Additional backgrounds available upon request and custom photos uploads are welcome.

🔴If transparent is in the background name, we will add an additional base color underneath.  Please let us know in the special instructions section if you have a color preference or we can match it based on the rest of the NFT.

🔴This is your NFT, make sure you make it your own!

Don't forget the Bling - Pimp Your Kħlown!


Hat & Hair - Dare you to call him bald...


Clothes - Khiller Khlein


Weapon - Get the balloons!

Eyes - Aren't they just dreamy?

Mouth - Dentist anyone?

Face 20.png
Face 01.png
Eyes Normal.png
Teeth Good.png
Suit Tie Green.png
Crazy Pink.png
Meat Mallet Bronze.png
BAK Watermark.png

All uploads need to be your personal photos.  Copyright restrictions will be searched. Custom backgrounds or logos  will add 48 hours to your NFT build.

Discord or Twitter ID

Khlown Name

GEN 01 Border.png

Message Box

FAQ Anchor


🔴Take your time and enjoy the creative process.

🔴Feel free to send us a chat using the 'Chat' Button with any questions, suggestions, or ways to improve!

  1. Select your choices from the dropdowns to choose your Khlown build.

  2. Repeat until satisfied or IRL duties get in the way.

  3. Be sure to fill in your Discord OR Twitter Username, and Khlown Name input boxes.

  4. If you have special requests, please put those in the special instruction input section. 

  5. When you have built your Khlown and are ready to order, hit 'Order'.

  6. If the order was successful, the 'Order' Button will change color and say 'NFT Ordered!'

    • If not, please check the message box below the 'Order' button for helpful hints.

  7. Please associate Token ID 0.0.1077685 and 0.0.977687

  • Orders will be prioritized in the order received.  We aim to have all NFTs minted within 12 hours of submission but we are a small team so please be patient, it may take up to 24 hours to mint depending on submission time.

  • Orders will not be minted between 11PM and 8AM EST but will be minted in the order received the following morning.

  • Once your NFT is minted, we will send your NFT and contact you if anything else is needed.

  • Our team is happy to work to make your NFT perfect for your wallet or spatial gallery, please use the special instruction section to leave any special requests for the team and we will do our best to accommodate you.

🔴Don't forget to name your Khlown!



🔴Can I use The Build A Khlown on my mobile?

Yes. Build A Khlown is available on both mobile and desktop.

🔴Is there a time limit for using The Build A Khlown?

No.  However, inventory is limited and updated as stock depletes, if you leave the site, you will have to restart your session.

🔴Are layers allocated on a “first come, first served” basis?

Yes. All layers have max mint amounts and will be updated as the orders are processed.

🔴Will you do photoshopping or create custom items to add to my NFT?

No. We will not do “off layer” editing like photoshop or creating new items.  Copywrite laws will be adhered.

🔴Will you allow other kinds of custom edits? 

Yes. It depends on the edit. We will be doing “on layer” edits, color changes to clothes and backgrounds, logos on certain clothing, upon request. Custom edits will take longer and be pushed to the back of the line to ensure we take our time and get your order right!

🔴How do you request custom edits?

Please put those requests in the special instructions section. Feel free to use the 'Assistance' button to ask any questions you may have regarding special requests.

🔴Are there special announcements regarding mint outs?

Layer supplies are limited...there is no formal announcement process at this time.

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