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The FUN DROP OMG NFT's are a series of FREE and FUN NFT’s that draw their inspiration from the funny stuff that happens in the HBAR NFT space. We have minted 54 different cards in the series and there are 55 of each card plus some super rare extras. You cannot BUY or MINT these, you must earn them!



Mint Price:



Ways to earn OMG NFT’s:

✅Winning an NFTFoundery Discord Rumble

✅Activity in The NFTFoundery Discord & Twitter

✅Playing NFTFoundery Games/Trivia

✅Holding an NFTFoundery NFT

✅Getting a Random NFTFoundery Air Drop

✅Being Cool & Doing Cool Things

✅Anything Else The NFTFoundery Team Makes Up


The primary directive is to collect a full set of 54 cards and earn Utility and Prizes!  


To make collecting a set more difficult, all holders can trade in and Burn 5x OMG NFT Cards for a 5% discount on any NFTFoundery purchase. (non-stackable).


OMG NFT’s are listed on Zuse to help you collect your set. You can find the full collection below.


📣Once an NFT is burned or exchanged for a prize, it will no longer be eligible for future burning or prizes.


❌🥇The first two people
(prizes won) to collect the entire set of 54 will win 1,000 HBAR

✅🥈The third person (prizes won) to collect the entire set of 54 will win 750 HBAR

✅🥉The fourth person (prizes won) to collect the entire set of 54 will win 500 HBAR

✅🎖️The fifth person to collect the entire set of 54 will win 250 HBAR

WL for Life

✅🏆Anyone that collects the entire set of 54 (50 remain) will receive an NFTFoundery WHITE LIST FOR LIFE for any and all future drops from The NFTFoundery


✅🏆The first ten people (6 remain) to collect 40 or more unique OMG NFTs will win 50 HBAR

Glitch NFT

✅🎉Anyone collecting 25 (4 collected) or more unique OMG NFTs will be given a free NFTFoundery Ħash Ħound or Kħiller Kħlown Glitch NFT of their choice and will granted future credits for OMG NFTs prizes from those 25 NFTs

🎉Other Utility or prizes may be added as we go along



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