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YEar 2222, Post-financial meltdown. HBAR has become the only currency. Radiation gave rise to some interesting LIFEFORMS. Hounds, Khlowns. Other...creatures.  These Creatures walk the land, trying to survive and find the remaining HBAR that has been locked up in NFTs


randomly generated AI inspired NFTs, built on the Hedera Network. BUrning 4 allows you to Work with Our Artist to 'Inspire' Your Own GENESIS Dystopia 2222 NFT

dystopia 2222 Collection - 1000 NFTs

● Drop 01 - 111 NFTs
● Drop 02 - 222 NFTs


● ART FARMS Powered by hbar space

● hodler missions Powered by METAVision

● 5% of sales pledged to loyalty missions for for GeneSIS Holders

● Free Airdrop NFTs

● art

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Dystopia 2222 sandbox

Dystopia 2222 GENESIS & samaritanS