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Hash Hounds

Rarity Powered by NFTier THOON

Long ears, dopey, stubborn, attitude, these hounds want to have fun and piss on a leg or two along the way.  They are housebroken, but hash hounds do what hash hounds want. No alpha is gonna tell these Hounds to roll over.

These aren't your parents' generative NFTs. hash hounds are your NFTs, built on the Hedera Network, individualized, customized, personalized, pure breed hounds from genetics selected by you, the loyal best friend. Each mint is user created and designed from a selection of traits. No two hounds will look or act alike, each inspired by you for your enjoyment! These are not randomized, generative NFTs. hash hounds are custom designed manually generated NFTs, created by you using our custom NFT design software.  You are in charge to decide what layers you want on your hound.

Small batches, custom made buyer designed and created NFTs using Build A hound with over 100,000 potential NFT combinations. Ultra high utility, art focused.

hash hounds are not just for show and tell, these hounds are meant to bring home the kibble. hound

holders will be entitled  to a 50% SHARE of all future Drop sales and a 75% SHARE OF ROYALTIES.

hash hounds cOLLECTION - 2500 nftS

● GENENSIS Fuzz Aldrin cOLLECTION - 10 nftS + 1 Animation

● Drop 01 - 100 nftS


hash hounds Utility:

● 5O% of future hASH hOUND minting profit share paid back to current hASH hOUND NFT holders

● 75% royalties on hASH hOUND peer-to-peer and secondary sales paid back to current hASH hOUND NFT holders

● Farms Powered by Hbar Space

● Staking Powered by METAVision

● Free Airdrop NFTs

The making of hash hounds!

A little video expose of the behind the scenes work!

The making of Fuzz Aldrin!

If you believe, we put a hound on the moon, hound on the Mooooon.

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