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Khiller Khlowns

Khiller Khlowns are coming to shake up the Hedera space, demanding your attention – or else.  Harking back to the spine tingling, bone chilling horror film classics, these Khlowns are ones you wanna keep your eye on…literally.


Khiller Khlowns are not circus clowns, most don’t find their jokes funny.  These sinister Khlowns are dark, aggressive, cold, and mischievous. If you cross one in a dark alley, it will probably be the last face you see. Khiller Khlowns are lurking everywhere - no one truly knows how deep their impact penetrates. Their victims are random, crimes of opportunity, feeding a bloodthirst for inflicting pain and torture.  The end is not swift - it is known and felt.


3D, custom-made NFTs, with over 2.8M potential NFT combinations.  Extreme detail, high utility.  Ultra tight supply, Burning 3 earns access to Build-a-Khlown technology, Hedera’s 1st online Build Your Own NFT website.

Khiller Khlown Collection - 666 NFTs

● Genesis Collection - 11  NFTs

● Drop 01 - 66  NFTs

● Drop 02 - 112  NFTs

Khiller Khlown Utility:

● 5% of future Khiller Khlown minting profit share paid back to current Khiller Khlown NFT holders

● 5% royalties on Khiller Khlown peer-to-peer and secondary sales paid back to current Khiller Khlown NFT holders

● Farms Powered by Hbar Space

● Staking Powered by METAVision

● Free Airdrop NFTs

Khiller Khlown Sandbox

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Khiller Khlown Genesis Collection

Khiller Khlown Drop 01 Build Your Own

Khiller Khlown Drop 02 Random Mint

Coming Soon! 3Degen Khiller Khlowns in Collab with Tokomex!

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