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"Create Your Own NFT"

Auto Rewards

Holder Reward Missions (Non-Custodial Staking Alternative)

The NFTFoundery's Holder Reward Missions is a staking alternative, a non-custodial friction-free software allowing the hodler to keep their NFTs safe and secure in their wallet; no need to log in or check the NFT into a website, forfeit ownership, or require hodlers to own another platform's NFTs to be rewarded. Hodlers are free to list their NFTs on a market without any interaction on their part, however, that NFT will not be eligible for rewards until unlisted from the marketplace. The only action on an NFT hodlers part is to associate your project's Native Token — if using hbar, your hodlers are already set.

Holder Reward Missions are friction-free from the project side as well. All The NFTFoundery needs to get started is the token ID(s), and weekly reward per token ID(s).  Each week, The NFTFoundery will check every NFT in a collection to see if:
a.) a spender authorization from a Hedera marketplace was placed, or;
b.) the NFT moved wallets in a sale.

If either of those occurred, that NFT will be excluded from the weekly rewards until either the spender authorization has been removed and NFT delisted, or the NFT has been in the same wallet for 7 days, helping to reduce the supply of NFTs listed, maintaining a higher floor price.

Wallet snapshots are randomly performed Thursdays between 8PM EST and Fridays 8AM EST.
Reward frequency and timing is fully customizable. All NFTs that pass the requirements are automatically sent the weekly rewards.

Rewards are typically run on Fridays.

Please email or open a Creator Tool ticket in our Discord for more information or to get a quote.  Prices based on NFT collection size, subscriptions start at $350 USD annually, as low as 1.7 hbar per NFT.  

Create Own NFT

"Create Your Own NFT" Software

The NFTFoundery has developed a software package that allows a project to launch their NFTs in a custom, "create your own NFT" website experience. The user is free to design their NFT unassisted, mint, pay, and receive the NFT, all without ever connecting their wallet to a website to ensure safety and security of their private keys.

The platform is 100% customizable to the project and offers a hands free way to offer special VIP or large scale custom design mints allowing users to design the NFT of their dreams.

Prices vary by collection size and the typical engagement length is up to 3 months. Setup varies from 7 to 28 days. Max collection size is 10k NFTs. 

Please email or open a Creator Tools ticket in our Discord for more information, to get a demo, or to get a free custom quote for your project.  Prices based on NFT collection size, packages
 start at $500 USD, as low as 31.5 hbar per NFT.

Discord Economy Engagement Bot


100% Customized to Your Project Branding.

Standard Bot

Free with Holder Missions Staking Alternative Package - Additional $100 Annual Server Host & Database API Fees

  • Member Discord Name Change History.

  • Warning When Bot Joins Server.

  • New Member Welcome Message.

  • 24/7 Server Host & Database Monitoring.

  • Dedicated Low Traffic IP.

  • Server Statistics.

  • Member Join & Leave Statistics.

  • Customizable Bot Activity & Status.

  • Missions User Interface.

  • New Member Role & Rule Verification Buttons.

  • Automatic Bot Setup.

  • Native Token Auto Claim Faucet.

Economy & Engagement Bot

Price: TBD 25% Discount with Holder Missions Staking Alternative Package - Additional $100 Annual Server Host & Database API Fees

  • Standard Bot.

  • Discord Native Token Economy.
    • Economy Moderation Commands.

    • ACID Transaction Compliant.​​

      • Guarantees Data Validity, If One Part of Transaction Fails, All Parts Fail.​

  • Members Can Send, Receive, Pay, Buy Using Native Token.​

  • Engage/Chat to Earn.

    • Rewards Daily Activity.​

    • Level Ups.

    • Slowmode.

    • Moderation Commands.

  • Member Rewards & Engagement Database.

  • Auto Send NFTs After Games and Rumbles.

  • Giveaways.

  • Polls.

  • AI Engagement Responses.

  • Two Native Token Games.

    • Paper Scissors Rock.​

    • Loot Box


Prices Per Add On

  • Hashconnect.

  • Farms.​

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

    • Manage Member Relationships.

    • Engagement Statistics, NFT Ownership, Farming/Missions Status, Contact/Wallet Info.

    • An All-In-One Member Relations Solution.

  • Database API Access.

  • Hedera Node API Access.

  • Economy Storefront.​

  • Custom Chat GPT Interface.

  • Raffles.

  • Custom Bots.

  • Additional Native Token Games.

Standard Chat to Earn Settings

All Settings & Payouts Custom to Each Project

  • 1 or 2 Randomly-Assigned Native Token Per Message.

  • New Members Receive a Bonus of 5 Native Tokens.

  • Escalating Daily Chat Bonus, 1 x Consecutive Days Active.

  • Custom Level Up Bonus Every 500 Messages.

  • 60 Second Slowmode.

  • 2 Native Token per Game.

Please email or open a Creator Tools ticket in our Discord for more information, to get a demo, or to review user or moderation economy commands.

*Native Token Supply Responsibility of Purchasing Project.

Discord Engagement Bot
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